Defensive Driving Center

Unique Points of EDIís Advanced Driving Course


  • Whole course is at best western standards, fully approved and accredited by international learned organizations. The only product using proven & leading-edge methodology anywhere eastwards from Europe to Australia.
  • Benchmarked against acknowledged best practices advocated by international organizations and think tanks: ERSO, CEICA, DSA, TDV, Safetynet, and Project Hermes.
  • Unique to this region (GCC) Ė this course is specifically designed for this region and the drivers therein, it is not a European course rebadged. Made in the UAE for use in the GCC!!
  • We create a Positive Psychological Attitude! EQ, not IQ
  • We show how to recognize and minimize in-vehicle risks.
  • We coach delegates in techniques of Active Planning and Hazard Management.
  • Choice of half-day or full-day courses
  • Each delegate session unique and tailor-made to your driving skills
  • Active on-road assessment of your skills behind the wheels followed by a customized development programme for you.
  • Balance of fully interactive theory session and extensive on-road driving.
  • Modern, comfortable, high-end fully air-conditioned vehicles.
  • Internationally accredited advanced driving trainers